The Craftenstock Corporation

(Verse 1)
Report to the facility
I've got my issued boots and a definite function
I'm stuck for an eternity
When will my luck rearrange and give me my life back?

Prepare for reality
You've got orders to push and data needs processing
Connect to the circuitry
Welcome home this is the final fallen nation

You're on it
An endless win
Pummel down my sanity until it's razor thin
You're on it
A blameless sin
Once again we suffer on until the machine wins

(Verse 2)
Replace in the rotation
You work until you're scraped down and battered to end
Then comes the realization
Caught up in the sea and draining toward the factory

Dystopian outlook trapped
Within cogs of systems lubricate asphyxiation
Shift tones calls the pawns to snap
They're returning to task and resume their own depletion


(Bridge) x 2
Always feeding, always beating, at the expense of me
Never ceasing, never breathing, all because of greed

(Chorus) x 2

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