(Verse 1)
Once in eternity
I was lasting for thousands of years
But never appeared on the

Face of the Earth
Where the sun was obscured by the clouds
And hidden away from the

Roots of the trees
Breathing waste over walls of disease
On the ghost of reality

Wishing to see
Beyond layers of sediment hardened
Imprisoning me

So let me take you down
Inside it
And let us flow alone
Until you're on your own

And that's the price you pay
When you want it
Obtain it all and head on your journey back
On your journey back
On your journey back home

(Verse 2)
Inside the walls
The liquid flowing beside you stagnates
And deeper it falls

Into darkness awaits
At the bottom the pit is evolving
Into a new state

And is beckoning me
As the steam is arising inside
To a cryptic degree

Stepping at last
And the edge disappears from the sides
Eternally falling


(Bridge) x 2
I feel it crushing me down
With its rotten fist
Is trickling
Flowing on circling


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