(Verse 1)
A stoic mind
Grown out of place
Sentiment is so far gone
From human interface

Afraid of truth
Scared of light
Another reason why
The brain is fully terrified

I know it's living and breathing
But is it really feeling?
I can't control the being inside
When I look into it's eyes

(Chorus) x 2
Your mind is fully sentient
Continue to rule, are we arrogant?
Nobody places their life on the Earth
With visions of healing worlds

(Verse 2)
I clone my mind
My body moves
Can it be I've found
The way to seeking inner truth?

Depraved of might
Lost of sooth
Getting weaker by the hour
Stuck in this cocoon


Sentient! x 4

It's the end!

(Verse 1)

(Chorus) x 2

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