Polar Vortex

(Verse 1)
Peering through covered eyes
Continuing to paralyze
Snow an ocean white
Piling on without emotion

Trudging up to my knees
Frigid air falling degrees
Grind-halt efficiency
Constricting locomotion

And I am freezing down
Polar crest
Collapse to the ground
The air burns in my chest

I'm freezing down
Polar crest
My final mistake is
I froze with the rest

(Chorus) x 2
Shivering limbs
Cover my face
Swallowed by the
Polar vortex

(Verse 2)
Wading up to my thighs
Howling wind drowns out my cries
Moving gets hard to try
Breaking through the icy shell

Enveloped in a pale cast
Temperature dropping so fast
These steps could be my last
Could not get up once I fell

(Instrumental Break)

(Chorus) x 2

(Instrumental Break)

(Chorus) x 2

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