(Verse 1)
I've worked for a hundred days
My time off is a life away
And I waste my time to stay
At another forgettable crumbling place

So let's talk the conditions here
The sun above won't interfere
The air I choke is never clear
And the chemicals burn my eyes

I look upon all of their faces
They look alone
They must be generated

(Chorus) x 2
Into the outside
I'm empty
Burning on the inside
Frozen on the out
I'm ending

(Instrumental Post-Chorus)

(Instrumental Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Around here the sky it bleeds
It cries hard from the fumes it breaths
And coughs out all the acid steam
At another forgettable factory

So I fought with the engineers
They labeled me a mutineer
And sent me off without a tear
Into the cold and wet goodbye


(Chorus) x 2

(Instrumental Post-Chorus)

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