Cold Ammonia Machine

(Verse 1)
Venture into an outward time
Where space is in motion, and planets align
Changing the past for a future untold
Testing the liquids of mind that unfold

Fed through the pipes of frozen arrays
Pumping with fluids; it bows and it sways
Twisting and turning my thoughts are inept
Into the machinery my memory is swept

Cold Ammonia Machine
It brings me back
It brings me into the belief that I
Cold Ammonia Machine
It brings me home
It brings me home...

(Verse 2)
Light years behind, and more within sight
Powered by humans; frozen in flight
Solar winds sail, the last ship has passed
Engines will churn as their own time stands fast

Robbing the minds of their time on the Earth
Squeezing them out to establish their worth
Breathing is all that they feel in their dreams
In the throes of the Cold Ammonia Machine

(Chorus) x 2

(Instrumental Bridge)


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