Belt Driven Tragedy



(Verse 1)
Another reason to look past the sullen eyes
Heading into a battered work zone dehumanized
They risk their lives troubled off by complacency
An effort works, harrowed on by


(Chorus 1)
Belt driven tragedy
A company ordered catastrophe
A hidden corporate loss
Cook all the numbers, kick up to the boss

(Verse 2)
I found escape is a definite function
Another way to release from assumption
It all depends on the world that is real
But freedom escapes, so

Set me free!

(Chorus 2)

Kick up to the boss!
Kick up to the boss!

(Instrumental Break)

Why? x 4


(Bridge) x 2
You don't believe me
I started heaving
Let me restate
That the worker's not breathing



I am lost!
Kick up to the boss!
I am lost!

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