Arctic Assault

(Verse 1)
Frozen winds obscure; Cold stone grey walls
Orders and honor; Celsius falls
Strategic outpost; Expendable
White clad minions run; Untraceable

Flashes interrupt; Thunderous rounds
Snow and ground erupts; Concussion sounds
Concrete shrapnel flies; Stops dead in flesh
Frozen crimson dries; And joins the rest

Arctic assault, A polar tempest
Arctic assault, From man's iron fist
Arctic assault, For a military shell
Arctic assault, In a gray-scale hell

(Verse 2)
Black smoke billows forth; Bunker compound
Rebar and ribcage; The weakness found
Opposing forces; Invade inside
Close quarters combat; no time to hide



(Bridge) x 2
Take the battlefield no matter what the cost
Whitewashed corpses join the permafrost


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