Arctic Assault

Abandon launch!
Abandon launch!

(Verse 1)
I'm strapped down
A hundred meters from the ground
There's a rumbling outside
It's a terrifying sound

I feel the engines down below
Final seconds left to go
Procedure feeds your mind
But reality is slow

I think I'm facing my final night
I've given years up to test this flight
I'm only racing to analyze
The night sky design

Abandon launch!
Abandon launch!
I'll never land the machine we wrought so
Abandon launch!

(Verse 2)
I'm still alive
A hundred tons are mechanized
Burning holes into the ground
Spraying liquid in my eyes

Meter reading is untold
Lights are flashing uncontrolled
Choose a better element?
Should I let this all unfold?


(Instrumental Break)

(Instrumental Outro)
Abandon launch!
Abandon launch!

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