Nature Vs Humans

Nature Vs Humans CD

Jugem's Cloud's debut album, Nature Vs Humans.
Classic-sounding electro-industrial with aggressive synths, haunting melodies, and atmospheric samples.
14 Tracks, 5-Panel Full-Color CD Digipak, 2014

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Dive into their 2014 debut album Nature Vs Humans. Classic industrial sound with modern styling and incredible songwriting.


  • The Craftenstock Corporation
  • Sewerz
  • Evacuate
  • Hydrocompression
  • Snow Zone


Jugem's Cloud is an aggressive electro industrial band blending modern sounds with a fresh take on classic industrial music. Emerging from the bowels of Chicago's factories and steel refineries, Jugem's Cloud writes with solid songwriting, heavy synth basslines, crushing drums, and pounding samples for an unforgettable and fully industrial combination.



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One of the best industrial bands out there! This trio mixes harsh vocals with punishing synths, heavy guitars, and bone-snapping drums. Learn more about the band!

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