Michael Lewandowski

Michael Lewandowski


Michael Lewandowski (1983-) is the main sampler, drum and percussion artist behind Jugem's Cloud. He creates, manipulates, records, and plays samples, and additionally specializes in drums and percussion. A long supporter of Jugem's Cloud, Mike saw and appreciated his brothers' love for creating industrial music, and joined.

Sometime around 1995 and/or 1996, Mike created home-made Q101 Industrial Zone mix-tapes that they would listen to on a cheap, battery powered boombox. The music was inspirational, and Mike and Mark would create crude percussion sounds with found objects such as metal pipes, cabinets, and resonant objects.

Michael has amassed a quality massive industrial music collection, including CDs, tapes, records, various metal instruments, beaters, and more. He is also classically trained on the trap set, percussion, music and sound. Mike has always played music; there have been many groups. The last time he played a drum kit with a band was with the Familiar Names of Portland OR at a reunion concert in 2014. He is currently working on new sound samples for The Factory Bloc, recording movie samples, and categorizing 33's for future samples

Michael's main role in Jugem's Cloud is to run the sequencer (NI Maschine), and play live samples.

Aliases: Petyr Plumm


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