Mark Lewandowski

Mark Lewandowski


Mark Lewandowski is the mastermind and brainchild behind Jugem's Cloud. He is the primary songwriter, lead vocalist, programmer and guitarist of the band.

Before ever creating Jugem's Cloud, Mark found inspiration in the dark forests, frozen landscapes, and abandoned structures of the past. His youthful exploration into the unknown and fascination with industrial music formed an early vision for his own sound. His older brother, Mike, created home-made Q101 Industrial Zone mix-tapes starting around 155 and/or 1996. Once they started listening to industrial on a cheap, battery-powered boombox, Mark started creating. He created industrial music. The combination of an elusive music format with overgrown landscapes created a musical vision inside of Mark, one which would plant it's seeds and grow into what is known today as Jugem's Cloud.

Within a couple years Mark picked-up a small Korg Electribe EA-1, and then an ER-1. He would tirelessly program on the units and create solid, yet primordial music. Although inexperienced and young, Mark formed Jugem's Cloud as a solo side-project in 1999. Cutting his teeth on basic synthesizer programming and experimentation, he soon began to formulate his visionary sound of what he felt industrial music should be.

Years passed and Mark experimented with more advanced synthesizers, MIDI setups, and music production techniques. He spent much of his time at Northern Illinois University playing guitar, bass, and teaching himself music theory. After graduation from college in 2007, Mark began to purchase and acquire the necessary instruments and equipment to truly make Jugem's Cloud happen.

Within the next few years Mark also helped form Chicago alternative band Rcvr as bassist, which put Jugem's Cloud on the back-burner. Although Rcvr was eventually forced to disband in 2012, Mark had honed his skills a highly proficient songwriter and musical professional.

The true beginnings of the writing of Nature Vs Humans began in mid 2010. At this point, Mark had purchased the core pieces of machinery to truly begin writing and programming his first album. For the next three years, Mark worked tirelessly to program his musical vision. Working and experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines on a nearly daily basis, he slowly put together the sound and style of Jugem's Cloud. He recruited his brother Michael and long-time friend Rob to assist with the album, and they both officially joined in 2012. The band was then complete.

Mark continues to be the primary force behind Jugem's Cloud. He writes, produces, programs, mixes and creates the music of the band, and is also responsible for the website design, art direction and imagery related to the band.

Aliases: Dowski | Lord Liquorish



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